About Comtura

we help businesses make informed sales decisions with conversation intelligence

Comtura is a platform that takes your interactions and turns them into actions. Capture more data, get more done with less work and let your customers do your forecasting.

how it all started

It all started with our first dino, Hector Forwood.  Shortly after hatching, he set out to find his own way in the startup world.  After a string of successful tech startups, he realized something was missing, something had to evolve.

He realized that the sales process is frustrating, time-consuming, and more importantly, outdated.  

He spent half of his week sifting through data and sales calls to make sense of the chaos.  He had all the tools of his time, but he needed more.  That's when he teamed up with Santiago (our CTO) and Christian (our CIO) to build a tool that makes decision making, coaching and onboarding simple and intuitive. 

They built Comtura to end the isolation of sales calls and bring them to the forefront for everyone to see and learn from.

We're a group of individuals who don't settle for good. We strive for great. Each member of the team has been involved in exceptionally successful careers and start-ups prior. Now we're on a mission to build the future of automation for customer facing teams.

our mission

Greater Account Visibility

We want to make visibility, accountability and decision making a quick and seamless experience for you and your entire sales team.

Stop Data Overload

Who has time to go through hours of sales calls and videos every week?  Forget the post-it notes and handwritten reminders, we organize all the data for you so you can make better decisions faster.

We Have Your Back

It's easy to miss something when you're drowning in data and notes from your sales team.  We're here to let you know if you missed something and what you can do about it.

Our Values

Here at Comtura we want everyone to recognize their own value. Everyone in the team takes ownership of their own role and doesn't compromise on anything whilst over delivering for our customers. We're all agile, driven and uphold our key values. Not to mention we make an effort to have fun on the journey.

Take Ownership

Build something you're proud of and own it. 

Be Yourself

Express who you truly are and don't be afraid to show your colours.

be human

It's easy to lose yourself in all the technology.  Remember to embrace your feelings, be kind, be caring.

celebrate everything

Celebrate. Everything. No matter how small. We want everyone to be happy and to have fun whilst doing so. We want to scream and shout from the tops of volcanoes about each win.

summer fridays

That's right. During the northern hemisphere's summer (21st June - 22nd Sept), the Comtura office will finish the working day at 1pm. We want a healthy-work life balance for everyone to ensure that our employees get to make the most out of the best months of the year.

design first

We design first. That means before we've even started building, we've looked into possibilities for different experiences, could that be explained better, if I were a dog, would I understand it? We love your feedback to help us get better at those design choices. Tell us. We won't bite, we promise! Email here: contact@comtura.ai

remote working

Our teams are spread throughout the world. Remote working allows freedom of movement and not having to be anchored to one location if they choose to explore. Our team has that flexibility. That being said, we meet regularly to make sure we're connected to one another and can build real friendships behind the Comtura vision.

grow out of work

Our employees are awarded an L&D budget to be used towards things like books, classes, courses and physical health. We are invested in our employees personal lives and not just their professional development. If they want to run a marathon, climb mount Everest or see how many hot dogs they can eat in 10 minutes (for charity). We strive to cultivate a nurturing environment to benefit our team members and ultimately our customers.

Make Us Part of your story

We love helping sales and revenue teams achieve their goals and deliver the best work for their clients. Book a free demo and let us show you how Comtura will transform your revenue generating process.