AI Generated Sales Notes

No more handwritten notes and manual CRM Updates

Comtura generates meeting notes and suggestions for you to sync directly to your CRM so you can focus on what you do best - selling.

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Less time updating Salesforce

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Less time watching sales recordings

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Better account visibility

AI Highlighted Suggestions

In ancient times, you had to take notes while talking to a prospect, rewatch that meeting later to uncover talking points, then enter what you think is important into your CRM.  Comtura automatically summarizes all the important talking points in your conversations and highlights them for you.  Select what you need and sync it directly to field in your CRM.

all your notes for all accounts in one place

Nobody wants to have 20 Salesforce tabs open just to review notes or make edits.  Comtura has all your meeting notes and important talking points for all your accounts in one place.  Browse, search, edit and sync notes with your CRM in just a few clicks.

Make meeting prep a Piece of cake

Always be prepared for your next meeting with the most important pain points, objections, and opportunities ready to go.  Simply select the account and all your past conversations and talking points will be available for you to use to close the deal.

become a revenue generating monster

You interact with clients more than anyone.  Wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to interact with your CRM so much?  Copying and pasting notes, trying to remember important things that were said, post it notes everywhere - painful stuff.  Comtura is like having someone else with you listening to your conversation, taking notes and telling you what the important stuff is and what your next steps should be.