how it works

Comtura works by integrating a number of tools and apps together to intelligently capture selling signals and talking points from conversations. You can then sync them to your CRM and give you bulk CRM editing capabilities 

1.  Conversational Intelligence

Comtura uses state of the art speech AI technology from Gong to be able to understand what your clients are saying, their pain points, objections and next steps. Our platform then highlights these buying signals so you can sync directly with your CRM in just a click.  

All of this happens automatically as you're talking to your clients and prospects so you don't have to worry about manually taking notes and trying to remember important talking points to enter into your CRM.  With our Gong integration, we'll do the note-taking for you while you focus on the client and closing the deal.

2.  Zoom Meeting Transcription

Comtura integrates with Zoom to transcribe conversations and automatically highlight selling signals and talking points (Gong integration) that can be synced directly to Salesforce.  

This lets you automate your Salesforce data entry, freeing up your time so you can focus on engaging with prospects, following up and closing more deals.

3.  CRM Pipeline Management

Comtura integrates with Salesforce to give you spreadsheet-like editing capabilities so you can bulk edit, update and sync changes back to Salesforce all in one place.  Simply connect your Salesforce account and sync fields so they're visible and editable inside our platform.

Easy sales pipeline management means you can work super fast, ensure more accurate and complete data, and better forecast revenue projections and qualify opportunities.

Comtura is an AI meeting assistant that captures buying signals and other important things your prospects are saying and automatically syncs them to your CRM