Sales Pipeline Management

get complete revenue pipeline visibility in one simplified view

Bulk update deals and records across all opportunities in just a few clicks all in one place

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Less time updating Salesforce

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Less time watching sales recordings

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Better account visibility

turn your salesforce into an excel spreadsheet (but much better)

make bulk pipeline edits in seconds

Make bulk edits across multiple opportunities at the same time all in one simple view.

Review multiple deals at the same time

Reduce 20 tabs to one single view with all your deals so you can make the best decisions fast.

Get the right data at the right time

See only the data you need by selecting which fields are visible and customized filters.

your revenue pipeline management will never be the same again

You interact with clients more than anyone.  Wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to interact with your CRM so much?  Copying and pasting notes, trying to remember important things that were said, post it notes everywhere - painful stuff.  Comtura is like having someone else with you listening to your conversation, taking notes and telling you what the important stuff is and what your next steps should be.