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get Full Data & conversation visibility  

See what's happening with accounts, opportunities, and conversations across your entire team in one place so you can create revenue-boosting processes fast.

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Comtura eliminates messy and incomplete CRM data and combines accounts and opportunities from your entire team all in one place.

Speed up your sales cycle
Automate Sales processes
Enable your team
perfect your approach

Full Pipeline View

See all opportunities across your entire team in one place inside. Comtura turns CRM data into a spreadsheet so you can seer everything you need to build processes that work to grow your team's revenue.

Stakeholder Visibility

Comtura identifies key stakeholders across your team's conversations along with their pain points, wants and needs to help you refine your messaging, coaching and marketing materials.

CRM Intelligence

Comtura scans your CRM to Identify opportunities, trends and missing data to help you optimize sales operations, foster accountability and trust within your team.

sell more

Spending hours every day updating your CRM is a pain in the tail.  Comtura listens to your meetings and automatically updates your CRM with things your clients are saying - their wants, needs, goals and other important things.  Use this valuable information to build better sales decks, train your revenue teams, and optimize your entire pipeline.

Work faster

Our AI driven insights will uncover hidden opportunities, recommend next steps, and analyze your conversations to help you close deals faster, cut admin time in half keep your CRM clean and organized.   


Comtura gives you insights you might have missed if you were trying to conduct a meeting, take notes and interpret what your clients are saying all at the same time.  These are hidden treasures you can use for your follow up meetings, reports and pitches.

Become a revenue generating monster

You interact with clients more than anyone.  Wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to interact with your CRM so much?  Copying and pasting notes, trying to remember important things that were said, post it notes everywhere - painful stuff.  Comtura is like having someone else with you listening to your conversation, taking notes and telling you what the important stuff is and what your next steps should be.