for SalesOps

make your Revenue process unstoppable

Your revenue teams depends on you to give them efficient, repeatable, and scalable processes and strategies to help them close deals.  That's a tall order.  Comtura makes it easy with automated notes, insights and CRM entries directly from customer conversations.

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do less.  sell more

Start every meeting with confidence knowing you'll have the insights to close the deal without all the data entry and water time

create scalable best practices
define repeatable sales strategies
improve efficiency across the entire team
boost customer success & retention

Create customer drives sales strategies

The best revenue generating strategies are the ones that work for your clients. Comtura shadows client conversations for you and generates AI automated notes that are synced directly to your CRM.  

fill gaps in your revenue processes

Our conversation intelligence platform will help you bridge the gap between what your clients want and what you need to do to give it to them.  

Optimize and scale operations with clean data

Comtura automatically fills your CRM with the important things your clients are saying, ensuring your data is clean and complete and helping you create repeatable, scalable operations that win deals.

comtura helps your revenue teams evolve from a manually driven operation to an automated, AI driven one.

sell more

Spending hours every day updating your CRM is a pain in the tail.  Comtura listens to your meetings and automatically updates your CRM with things your clients are saying - their wants, needs, goals and other important things.  Use this valuable information to build better sales decks, train your revenue teams, and optimize your entire pipeline.

Work faster

Our AI driven insights will uncover hidden opportunities, recommend next steps, and analyze your conversations to help you close deals faster, cut admin time in half keep your CRM clean and organized.   


Comtura gives you insights you might have missed if you were trying to conduct a meeting, take notes and interpret what your clients are saying all at the same time.  These are hidden treasures you can use for your follow up meetings, reports and pitches.

become a revenue generating monster

You interact with clients more than anyone.  Wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to interact with your CRM so much?  Copying and pasting notes, trying to remember important things that were said, post it notes everywhere - painful stuff.  Comtura is like having someone else with you listening to your conversation, taking notes and telling you what the important stuff is and what your next steps should be.